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2016 Sessions are available to view

We are taking 2017 off to expand our offerings for 2018



(Besides Awesome Sauce)

CIRCUIT is the only Midwest Adobe Developer conference that will allow Java developers to talk shop.  With a focus on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), developers will get to learn from each other's success, best practices and learn how to extend AEM beyond simple customizations.  Engage with your peers, industry experts, and contribute to the conversation. 



CIRCUIT dedicates two full days of workshops and sessions oriented towards developers, architects, front-end developers, and system engineers.  

We're taking 2017 off to retool and expand for 2018's conference.  

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Learn from seasoned AEM developers and their insider tips and tricks. But the best part? Find out how you can bring back these ideas and best practices immediately to your projects. 



Meet with your peers, network, and connect through technologies.  We are committed to growing a great community of developers to showcase the best of what can be done with Adobe solutions. 

After Party

After Party

We love a good party.  Rest assured that when we're back for 2018 our Day 1 Afterparty will be there with us.

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Why Attend

We know that learning new technologies, methods of development, and finding solutions you can use -- tomorrow -- are best learned from your trusted peers.  CIRCUIT gives you an opportunity to find great new tips, best practices, and open source projects (and meet their creators) in one spot.  On top of that, some of the best AEM developers and architects in the world come together for this event--it's a mix that you don't want to miss. 

What Attendees Said About Last Year

CIRCUIT was everything they said it would be. No vendor talks. No promoting of products. It was all about developer, geek, open source, cool stuff.
— 2014 Attendee
The conference was very practical and tech-focused; Cool mobile app!
— 2014 Attendee

Who Should Attend

AEM Developer

Well, this is obvious.  CIRCUIT is an AEM-focused developer conference, and what you'll learn is tangible, battle-tested coding that will improve your work immediately.

AEM Architect

Architects can benefit just as much from CIRCUIT as developers.  At CIRCUIT you'll learn from Adobe experts about their latest developments and how to best implement and integrate certain features.  And, you know, learning should never stop.

Java Developer

Expand your skill set! The speakers at CIRCUIT aren't all AEMbots--they've worked across Java and know how to wield it.  Breakouts and chat sessions will hone your skills.  Mobile and Cloud development play large roles and we're not going to ignore them.

Front-End Developer

Front End development is crucial to success.  Learn the best ways to work within AEM at CIRCUIT!