2015 Presentations

Keynote: State of the Platform, Avoiding the Clutter in Architecture

Presented by Carsten Ziegeler - Adobe

Making AEM Fit Accessibility Requirements

Presented by Daniel Obadia - Integration New Media

Hybrid App Development with AEM Apps

Presented by Pat McLaughlin & Paul Michelotti - ICF Interactive

Developing Component for AEM Apps

Presented by Kevin Schmidt - Adobe

Developer The New Author How Your dialog Tells a Story

Presented by Jordan Miller - ICF Interactive

Using Modern Front End Build Tools in AEM

Presented by Ben Westrate - ICF Interactive

10 Things Apache Sling can do

Presented by Carsten Ziegeler - Adobe

How to migrate from any CMS (thru the front-door)

Presented by Chris Rockwell - University of Michigan

Maximize the power of OSGI in AEM

Presented by David Bosschaert & Carsten Ziegeler - Adobe

Orchestrate your story with interactive video and web content

Presented by Robb Winkle - ICF Interactive

Road to Mobilegeddon

Presented by Bill Engels - Trusted Choice

Responsive Websites & Grid-based Layouts with AEM6.1

Presented by Damien Antipa & Gabriel Walt - Adobe

Simplifying AEM App Development with PhoneGap Enterprise Viewer

Presented by Justin Edelson - Adobe

Glimpse of Perceptual Diff

Presented by Rachel Ingles - ICF Interactive

Content API's for AEM Sites

Presented by Bryan Williams - ICF Interactive

UI Customization, Part 2

Presented by Christian Meyer - Adobe

Free Beer & Testing

Presented by Brian Bayer - ICF Interactive

React.js in AEM

Presented by Ben Westrate - ICF Interactive

Q & A Roundtable

All CIRCUIT speakers