A Smattering of our CIRCUIT Speakers

Ben Selland


Ben Selland leads the NASCAR Digital Media Technology Team. His background includes roles leading technology for the ATP World Tour Digital Marketing Team as well as a variety of public sector technology positions. Ben hails from Canada (Edmonton, Alberta) but has also spent time in Northern Florida and is currently residing with his wife and three children in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Carsten Ziegeler


Carsten Ziegeler

Carsten Ziegeler is working at Adobe Research Switzerland and spends most of his time on architectural and infrastructure topics. Working for over 25 years in open source projects, Carsten is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and heavily participates in several Apache communities including Sling, and Felix. He is a frequent speaker on technology and open source conferences. Carsten participates in the OSGi Core Platform and Enterprise expert groups and is on the Board of Directors of the OSGi Alliance.

Carsten's Sessions

Steve Woodson

HS2 Solutions

Steve Woodson

Steve is a full stack developer with over 13 years of industry experience architecting, building, and managing web applications. With a focus on responsive design systems and modern technologies, he's dedicated to solutions that can stand the test of time.

David Bosschaert


David Bosschaert

David Bosschaert works for Adobe R&D. He spends much of his time on cloud and container-related technologies for the Adobe Marketing Cloud. He also works on OSGi-related projects in Apache and elsewhere in open source. He is co-chair of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group and participates in the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC38 cloud standardization work.

Mark Daugherty

ICF Olson

Mark Daugherty

Mark has been designing and building Java-based web applications for more than 10 years, including years of experience implementing content management solutions as an Adobe-certified AEM (CQ5) architect with ICF Olson.  While his project work spans multiple industries and technology stacks, Mark has primarily focused on the AEM platform in addition to Java-based technologies such as Spring, JBoss, and Groovy.

Mark has leveraged his AEM expertise to create numerous open source projects, including Maven plugins, a Groovy-based AEM testing framework, and an interactive console to assist developers and system administrators working with the AEM platform.

Internally, Mark is responsible for the development of tools and libraries, designing project archetypes, maintaining code standards, mentoring fellow developers, and blogging about technologies and best practices.

Florin Iordache


Florin Iordache

Computer Scientist at Adobe. Developer for the Adobe Experience Manager with a focus on integrations.  Florin has 10+ years of experience working with various Java enterprise and client side frameworks.  He is passionate about understanding and improving large scale software systems and architectures.

Gaston Gonzalez

Headwire.com, Inc.

Gaston Gonzalez

Gaston Gonzalez is a Senior Technical Architect at headwire.com, Inc. specializing in Adobe Experience Manager and enterprise search integration. He as worked in the enterprise search space since 2008 and Enterprise Content Management since 2005. In a previous life he worked as a UNIX systems administrator for the University of California, Riverside. Now, he is currently working on improving the integration between AEM and Apache Solr. In his spare time he maintains a blog at http://www.gastongonzalez.com/ where he writes about technology and home automation.

Puru Hemnani

ICF Olson

Puru Hemnani

Puru Hemnani has more than 15 years of experience in IT industry with skills ranging from DevOps, Development,

System Administration, Infrastructure Management/Architecture and Configuration

Management. He is currently working as Senior DevOps Architect and leads a team of engineers

with responsibilities ranging from Infrastructure Management, System Design, Architecture and Automation for supporting several fortune 500 companies.

Puru's Sessions

Stephen Sadowski

ICF Olson

Stephen Sadowski

Stephen is currently acting as Director & Senior Architect of Cloud Managed Services for Olson Digital in Chicago, Illinois. He has over 20 years of past experience in systems architecture, platform design, systems security, and software development.

Pat  McLoughlin

ICF Olson

Pat McLoughlin

Pat has experience building cross platform mobile applications using Angular, Knockout, Backbone, jQuery Mobile, and PhoneGap, and backends for these applications using C#, .NET MVC, Java, and, of course, AEM. 

In a previous life Pat was an expert in developing applications for the Microsoft platform with extensive experience leading Microsoft .NET (1.1, 2.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5) based web application development projects.  Pat has worked with a variety of .NET technologies including ASP.NET, MVC, WCF, WWF and EF.

As a team lead Pat has experience running projects in a variety of agile methods and strongly believes in Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration.

Vlad Petcu


Vlad Petcu

Senior Developer at Adobe.  Vlad has 8+ years of experience working on various Java desktop and web applications. He's currently working on the AEM integrations with other Adobe solutions like DTM and Analytics. Vlad is also interested in software security and is part of the extended AEM security team. His hobbies include: movies, tv series, computer games, and table tennis.

Paul Michelotti

ICF Olson

Paul Michelotti

Paul Michelotti is a developer, designer, and architect with more than 10 years of enterprise experience and a pencant for web applications, native hybrid applications, and web services.  He has spent much of the last three years focused on both implementing AEM solutions and enabling the AEM community to do the same by producing tools such as the CQ Component Maven Plugin and by advocating for best practices such as the Semantics of content in AEM.  

As a consummate doodler, Paul appreciates the artistic qualities of development and design and applies this facet of his expertise in creating elegant solutions to complex problem sets.  In addition to AEM, Paul currently works on a number of initiatives aimed at driving innovation across the company and for clients including the leading of a grass-roots R&D group within ICFI.  

Jordan  Miller

ICF Olson

Jordan Miller

Jordan is a self-managing software developer and designer with a desire to create robust software products and services.  He has been developing large scale java applications since 2007 and has a proven track record of adopting new technologies and knowledge.  

Jörg  Hoh


jorg hoh

Coming from a sysadmin background Jörg worked as an architect at Adobe at many CQ5/AEM projects during architecture/setup phase and spent lot of time on golive and post-golive problems, especially related to performance and stability. In his last project he designed and implemented the installation and deployment processes for a very large environment covering hundreds of AEM instances and is constantly improving the level of automation. Jörg maintains an AEM blog at https://cqdump.wordpress.com and is also a frequent poster on the Adobe AEM forums. You can reach him via @joerghoh at Twitter.

Jörg 's Sessions

Ben  Westrate

ICF Olson

Ben Westrate

Ben is a Senior Front End Developer at CITYTECH, Inc. and has been an integral part of our  team focused on the development of our mid-market AEM offering, Accelerate. While working for clients, Ben enjoys using JavaScript frameworks like Knockout, Angular and Ampersand to create scalable front end applications.

Ben has the experience of building front end applications that help a business accomplish their marketing and sales goals. He has built front-end applications that can handle 100,000 concurrent users with ease and has the patience to work with a marketer to refine the user experience and squeeze the maximum revenue from that experience.

Ben is also keenly interested in cross-platform apps for mobile and desktop using tools such as phone-gap, brackets-shell (as a wrapper) and node-webkit, and honing responsive environments in AEM with the use of a css pre-processers and frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation. 

Mike  Zahorik


Mike Zahorik

Mike is the Senior Manager of Partner Strategy and Programs for Adobe Experience Manager responsible for worldwide partner strategy and partner business development. Work closely with global alliances, regional partners and sales to drive rapid growth for AEM Mobile, a new enterprise product for creating mobile apps.

Bryan  Williams

ICF Olson

Bryan Williams

Bryan is a software architect and developer with several years of experience designing and creating systems ranging from biotech to professional media and entertainment.  He has a passion for picking up new languages and technologies to utilize where they make sense.  He has been working with AEM for over 7 years and doing Java application development beyond that.  His latest endeavors have been focusing on IoT and anything related to the Amazon AWS ecosystem.  Outside of work Bryan dabbles in photography/videography and enjoys taking part in various sporting activities.

Bryan 's Sessions

Jim Moore

Time Warner Cable

Jim Moore

During decades of working at other Fortune 200 companies and startups, Jim Moore has designed and built several very large enterprise systems (including one spanning continents and another detecting terrorist threats). A heavy emphasis on automation and testing, especially using open-source, has been an integral part of that, leading him to be a committer-emeritus for the Apache Software Foundation and the Spring Framework. He has spoken at development conferences and active in several user groups.

Michael Paull

ICF Olson

Michael Paull

Michael Paull is a senior front end web developer and information architect whose work focuses on efficient content production workflows, omnichannel content strategies, and responsive design. He trained as a journalist, and has experience in every facet of content production, strategy, design, and marketing. His project leadership experience encompases projects ranging from ecommerce product development, mobile app design and development, product management, and multisite CMS implementation, and he’s been building web front ends and javascript applications for over 15 years. Recently, he has focused on building efficient front end workflows to enable agile collaboration across disciplines and maximize the efficiency of large development teams so that best practices and innovative solutions can get to production quickly and safely. As a technical specialist for ICF Olson, he leads front end teams building responsive ecommerce products and content platforms that run on Adobe Experience Manager, and builds JavaScript applications that run on AEM powered web sites.

Jakub  Wadolowski


Jakub Wodolowski

Open source and Linux enthusiast. Keen on scalable and highly available deployments. DevOps movement supporter and automation freak. Always focused on quality, simplicity and reusability. Deploys, configures and automates at Cognifide since 2011. Occasional speaker (AEMHub, ConnectCon). Passionate about configuration management and caching.

Jakub 's Sessions

Jay Brown


Senior developer/architect with 25+ years of software development experience and technical team leadership.  Has a rich background that started with infrastructure and networks, progressing into software development across the "full stack," utilizing technologies, such as Java, Node.JS, Portals & relational and NoSQL databases, etc.  Joined Adobe in 2015 and works primarily on the AEM Communities/Social product team.

Samantha  Rosa

Zebra Technologies

Samantha Rosa

Samantha is a leader of the Digital Strategy and User Experience team focused on growing a User Experience practice for Zebra. She has more than 12 years of experience researching with actual users and designing interfaces that will not only meet their needs but will surprise and delight them. 

She's looking forward to spending the next 10 years continuing to work with talented, cross-functional teams to elevate the User Experience on any project I can touch.